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January 8, 2013
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A loud cackle roams the house with your small scream. And then, you were gone. You were hoisted up onto a.. horse? The animal was not like what you found in the zoo. Its huge frame was made up of black sand. Its belly was made of swirling patterns of a lighter black. The stallions eyes were a bright yellow, much like the mans. You stared at it, not sure in suprise or shock. Probably both. As soon as you were completely on, the stallion was off. You didnt have a moment to think. It went zooming off into the night, higher and higher in the air. you tried to hold on, but all you grabbed was sand. You were about to scream, but black sand wrapped your lips. Breathing in through your nose, the smell of the sand became intoxicating. Your eyelids fluttered shut. All you remember was the forest beginning to become closer..

You were running, running towards someone. You couldnt quite make them out till you got closer. It was Jack, white hair and all. You wrapped your arms around his waist, all your fear washing away. Cold hands met yours, but with a tug. Jack ripped you off of him, turning around to stare at you. His usually beautiful blue eyes were filled with.. hate? He gave you death glances, muttering something under his breath. You stared up at him in suprise. This wasn't the Jack from before.

"Jack-" you began. Jack turned around, but cut you off.
"Don't talk to me." he answered. You stepped back, hurt by his words. Why was he being so mean?
"Jack I dont understand." you replied. You tried to put your hand on his arm, but he jerked back.
"You really dont understand, that's the truth. How about you do me a favor, and never talk or even think of me again. Ok?" he said coldly. He began walking away from you. Tears rolled down your face, your heart felt like it was stepped on. You watched him walk away, your legs collapsing beneath you. Hands covering your face, your body shaked with saddness.

You jolted up, sweat dripping from your face. You pick up the blankets and sit yourself up properly. You couldn't remember going to bed. Your eyes widened when the memories flooded back. A horse, going through the forest, the man... You  pick yourself up quickly and rushed to find a way out. The room was quite dark except the small light on the desk and underneath the door. In the room was the small bed you were once laying on. It had black sheets that had small gray swirls on them. There was a small nightstand next to it, with an unused lamp sitting next to it. Facing the bed was a wooden desk with a mess of papers all over it. You went over cautionously, grazing over the papers. They were all a bunch of drawings from what looks like a seven year old. A smile creeped on your face, it kinda reminded you of Sophie. That snapped you back into reality. You were trying to leave! Not to look over pictures!

Grabbing onto the door knob, you turn it carefully. With just a couple of small squeaks, you make it out. You turn to look at the rest of the house, and your mouth lays half open. The 'house' is constructed of numerous steps. Stairs upon stairs laid in front of you. A giant globe stood in the middle of the room. Small yellow dots circled around the globe. Most of the light seems to come from there. You walk over towards the globe, hopping to get a better look at the thing. Then, that cackle comes again.

"H-hello?" you call out. The laugh comes from all over the room, mocking you. Something swells up in your stomach.  
"HELLO?" You say with more fire. The laughing does not comes. Suddenly, thise nightmares come back. They gallop around you, a few pinching you with their teeth. You try to push them away, but there are too many. But something else does. A long black figures moves them back into the shadows. You closed your eyes, sitting on the floor. So many things ran through your mind. And through all of this where was Jack?

The laugh came once more, but much closer. You brough your knees up to your face, embracing them.
"Aw, is someone scared of the boogeyman?" the voice swoons. You tried to fight the urge, but lost, you openned your eyes to be staring at the man from before. Pushing yourself back, you try to get back up. Your legs scream in protest, once again, you cannot move.
"The b-b-boogeyman?" you ask gently. Your voice quivers as fear builds steadily inside you. A loud horse sound comes from the shadow.
"I prefer Pitch. Pitch Black. And,you shouldn't be so scared. It riles them up you know." the boogeyman replied. He smiles down at you, a sinster twist to his look. He outstretches his hand toward you. His finger moves left and right of your jaw. Your body shook in complete terror.
"Were going to have so much fun." he snarled. He picked you up by your neck, choking you. You try to tear his hands away, but fail. As your vision begins to go blurry, you feel a rush of air across your face.

Pitchs hand finally slips from your throat. Your dropped to the floor, gagging and coughing. More and more cold air rushs into the air. You look up, trying to clear your vision in the process. There, emitting the room with a blue light, is your savior.

Jack Frost.
Sorry this took so long. I dont feel so good and in a lot of pain. Im going to try to get 6 done! I hope.

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