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January 8, 2013
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There ,standing in front of you, was thee Jack Frost. Your Jack Frost. Another cold wave of air rushs into the room. Jack points his staff at Pitch, threatening him. Pitch commands his horses to gather at the scene. Horse after horse appeared, trotting around the fight. Pitch gave another award winning smile and cackle. Jack tensed up, preparing to fight. The horses were beginning to get antsy. Some even dared to get closer to Jack. Jack hit the closest one with his staff. The horse disapeared in to black sand. More and more gathered around. Jack fought of each, but with difficulty. It was hard for Jack to handle so many with so little.

You began to pick yourself up from the ground. You could still barely able to move. You looked down at your legs. Your pants were ripped apart there and there. Black sand crawled up your leg, stopping around your ankle. You clawed at it, but it held firm. You kept hitting at it till it began to weaken. Looking back up at the fight, Jack and Pitch were facing off.

Pitch sent his sharp black sand towards Jack. jack flew up, trying to leap left and right to get away. The boogeyman didnt let up. He sent more and more sand his way, plus some horses. Jack began blasting the sand and sand figures with ice. Some suceeded and they fell to the floor, making black ice. Jack dodged and dogded, till one little prick got him.

His wounds werent terrible, but it was enough for your heart to stop. It cut him across the torso, ripping his hoodie. There was no blood, fortunatly, but it didn't look like he enjoyed it. A small bruise was forming around the wound, circling. You got up from your spot on the ground running towards Jack.

"Jack!" you screamed. Pitch turned to look over at you. A sinster smile was flashed your way. Then, you saw red.
Just like last time, you were to slow. But it wasnt Jack who was wounded.

A rather long black sand dagger was sent your way. Your wound duplicated Jacks. But unlike Jacks, yours went completely through you. Blood trickled down your stomach. The sand pulled out and vanished near Pitch. Your legs gave out, no energy at all was left. Your body felt like it was on fire. Bring yout hands to your stomach, you felt the bruise. It was a small hole, barely missing your heart. You winced in pain, the touch felt terrible. You began to gasp for air, your lungs beginning to fail. Tear rolled down your cheeks, but you could barely tell.

"____!!" Jack cried. While Pitch was distracted, Jack hit him with ice as much as he could. Pitch became an ice statue. Jack flew over towards you, holding your shoulders. So many tears were rolling down his face. You reached up, touching his cheek with your hand. You caught a tear, wiping it away.

"Why are you crying?" you asked. Your voice began to sound so sleepy. Your eyes were beginning to become tired. You had to stay up, for Jack. Even though the warmth that came from your eyes closed felt comfortable.
"B-because. Your dying, don't you understand?" he asked. More and more tears came from his soft blue eyes. You gave him a smile.
"It's ok. I'll see you in another life again. Ok?" you reassured him. He shook his head, it didn't help. But then he stopped crying. Actually a smile formed on his face. You gave him a puzzled look.
"That, that's it!" he boomed excitedly.
"What?" you ask.
"Promise me." he demanded. You shook your head. You weren't understanding.
"Promise what?" your voice coming out dry. You didnt gave much time left.
"Promise to be with me. Forever. I know this isn't something you want to be thinking about but you have to. If you promise me, you'll become immortal. Please. Just say it." his words began to float in the distance. You shut your eyes; you weren't able to move anything anymore. You tried to speak but it became to difficult. Tears dripped on to you now.
"Promise me!!" he begged. You openned your eyes slightly, enough to see Jack holding you; crying.
"I- ...... p-promise." you answered.


You jumped up, breathing heavily. Sweat went down your face. You put your hands to your chest. You felt a fabric laying on it. You got up from the rather large bed. You looked over at it, examing it. It was pretty beautiful, it was red and yellow with tiny patterns sketched into it. It was made for a giant though, which you were quite comfortable with. You investigated the room you were in. It was made quite tall, the cieling being quite high. In front of you was a grand dresser with a huge mirror on it. You look into the mirror, examining your wound. Tightly wound bandages went across your torso and up your right shoulder.You tried to remove the bandges, but failed. It was for the best though. On the dresser was a set of clothes. You picked them up from their spot. It was a white shirt with frost stiched on the sleeves and the bottom. There was also a pair of tight fitting jeans. You stripped and put on your new clothes. You put your old clothes on the dresser.

Adruptly, a small 'thing' came into the room. It looked like... A Santa hat? It had a small silver bell at the top, the most of the 'hat' was made of a red fabric with a green... belt.. surrounding it in the middle. As you crouched down to look better, you noticed a small face. It was smiling up at you, grabbing your thumb. You let go of him and walked next to him.

He took you to what seemed like a living room. There was a huge fireplace sitting on the wall. Christmas decorations lined the mantel of the great fireplace. Two huge, red living chairs sat, facing the fireplace. Jack sat on one of the seats, fast asleep. You walked over toward him, tapping his shoulder.

He rubbed his eyes, looking lazily toward you. He eyes widened and a huge smile covered his face. He jumped up, hugging you tightly. You gave out a small ouch. He let go of you, a bit embaressed to of squeezed you.
"Im so glad your okay.... you were out for days.." he left off. Grabbing his hand, you gave it a soft squeeze. He looked up at you lovingly.
"Im ok. Were going to be okay. It just hurts a bit." you reassured him. He smiled softly at you, giving you a not-so-death-grip hug. A jolly laugh erupted to the side of you. Standing far to the side was a rather tall man. He was quite built with a long white beard meeting the end of his torso. The man wore a red long sleeve shirt, which was rolled up at the elbows. He had big tattoos on his lowerarm. One said Naughty and the other said Nice. He caught you staring and smiled.
"So your Jack Frosts little wifey?" he asked, with a strong russian accent. Your face heated up. Jack held you, laying his hand on your left shoulder.
"I guess you can call her that." Jack joked. you lightly hit him in the shoulder. He let out a small laugh.
"Well welcome to the North Pole. Im Nicholas St North. But call me North." the tall man told you.
"Like Santa?" you asked. He let out another jolly laugh.
"I go by that as well." North replied. A tall bunny walked from the corner door, followed by a small golden man and a tall bird-fairy women. You gawked at them, so suprised to see such people. The small gold man waved his hand at you, you replicated.
"Oh, almost forgot. I have to introduce you to the rest of the family. This is Sanderson. Sandman. Usually called Sandy." North began. The gold man waved once again, giving you a smile. You smiled back. "This is Toothiana, Tooth Fairy, usually called Tooth." the fair women whizzed over towards you, openning your mouth. You made an uncomfortable noise and Jack pulled Tooth back.
"Its so nice to meet you! You have wonderful teeth." she told you. You laughed and thanked her.
"And lastly this is E. Aster Bunnymund. Easter Bunny. Usually called-" North was cut off by Jacks witty comment.

Bunnymund didn't exactly take to his nickname. Him and Jack got into it, but was soon cut off by North. Bunny stood by North once again stood by North.
"Hello mate." Bunny greeted you, he had an australian accent. You gave him a small hello in return.
"So, how do you like your new family?" North asked. You gave a confused face.
"Family?" you asked. They all laughed, but once again return their attention to you.
"Yes, your part of this family now. You want to be apart of it, right?" North asked. You looked over at Jack. His lovely blue eyes stare at you, he gave you a happy smile. You give him a smile as well and turn back to North.

"I do."
YES! FINALLY. This took forever, and im starting to get my pain back. But im happy its done! I have another idea for a fanfiction. Yep, another Jack FrostxReader!

Before: [link]

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