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December 27, 2012
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"The name's Jack Frost." He said with a bright smile. You began to put the puzzle going on your head. You had finally figured out why he looked so familar. This was him. This was the boy from the dream. Something about him seemed so familiar about him. His face was identical to the boys. Even his hair and eyes; the colors were just different. You stepped back, flabbergasted. How could this be? The boy was just a pigment of your imagination. It wasn't real, was it? You could only stare at the boy, your mind to crowded to think. A million things ran through your head. You tried to move but you were frozen. Your legs screamed in protest of leaving. Nothing was functioning, laying limp in defiance.

His eyebrows furrowed in curiosity and anger. He tried to touch your shoulder again but you jerked back. He felt so...hurt. Why were you ignoring him? Why didn't you want him to touch you? Was it something he said? Were you scared? Was he too cold? He made a circle around you, investigating you. A small voice squeaked from you. He leaned in further to hear better.

"Your..your.. the boy from the.." You whispered. He leaned in closer. He stared at you with curiosity.

"The boy from the what?" He asked carefully. You began to be able to move again. You felt tears run down your face. You wipe them off with your hand. His face screamed with an urgent look. You could tell he was pleading for an answer.

" Your ths boy from the pond." You stated with more and more tears running down your face. He looked at you surprised. You began to turn around when he stopped you.

"How do you know about that?" He questioned. You shook your head and smiled. You wiped tears from your face.

"I was there." You replied. He stood frozen in shock. You finally turned and ran home. You went right to bed, hoping to calm your stressed mind. Jack just sat in thought, before returning to the North Pole.

~Jack Frost~

How did she know about that? That was hundreds of years ago. She couldn't of possibly been there. Jack decided to confront North about it. Maybe he would know what to do; He was sort of the head Guardian. Jack jumped into the wind and made his way to Norths. The wind carried him right to his destination. Jack openned the wide doors of the factory and walked in. The yetis were hard at working making and painting toy. The elves had their own business doing what ever a elf does.  

Jack searched the place for North, not to be found out in the work place. He made his way over towards the second floor. He found North hard at work making toys out of ice. Jack slowly walked up to him and tapping his shoulder. North turned around with his usual jolly expression spread across his face. North greeted him as usual. Jack could only give him a weak smile. It seemed like the younger boys shoulders slumped a bit more then usual. North noticed how troubled Jack was and asked him to sit down.

North sat in front of Jack, ready to hear the drama. It wasnt normal for Jack to come into the workshop and not either play or goof around. Jacks eyes seemed filled with uncertainty. North put his hand on Jacks shoulder and nodded. Jack began to explain everything. North listened carefully and nodded a couple of times. Jack waited for him to answer but he didn't. Jack waited for what seemed forever until North replied.

"Your very lucky Jack." North stated. Jack stared at the larger man. He could tell Jack was confused. North began to explain.

" Jack do you know who you found? Im the very first and only guardian to ever find mine. You should take advantage of this opportunity. Cause it pays of in the end."

Jack shook his head in confusion. He couldn't understand what he was talking about. Jack asked for North to further explain.

" Jack you found your soul mate. Ask Tooth about it she'll be able to explain it better then I."

Soul mate? He didnt even believed those things existed, let alone for him. He got up, taking a few laps around the workshop. He tried to get his mind off of it but he couldn't. All that ran through his mind was you. Your cheery face smiling at him. He decided to take Norths' advice and went over towards Tooths' place.

After a short gust of wind, Jack made it to Tooths'. The bright place was buzzing with the small fairies. Some of them came and gawked at Jack. He asked them to polietly leave. The did as they were told but swooned from afar. Jack jumped from building to building finding Tooth. He found her near the teeth holding section. He walked over greeting her. Tooth smiled at Jack, enveloping him in a hug.

"What brings you here Jack?" She asked gingerly. He scratched the back of his head and tightened his grip on his stick. He mumbled a response but she couldnt hear. He took a deep breath and responded.

" Well im hoping you can tell me about soulmates." She gave a confused look and flew over to Jack.
"May I ask why?" Jack gave her the honest truth. He replied with the same story he told North. She smiled, hugging Jack tightly.

" Aw! Jack! Im so happy for you! Come with me." She said with a smile. Jack followed Tooth over to the teeth. She stood in from of someones' and turned towards Jack.
"Jack, a soulmate for humans are just two people being in love, right? Well, for Guardians, it's a little different. For us, it's extremely hard to find ours. They can be either just from this era, or in your case, before they became a Guardian. When a Guardian finds their soulmate they can either leave them alone and let them live a human life. Or they can fall in love with and join them in eternity. Which means the soulmate will have to become immortal and leave their human life. That's what North chose Mrs. Clauses. You may pick for your soulmate. Remember you only find them once in awhile. Their very rare. Here, this will help." Tooth explained. She handed Jack a small gold encrusted box. The box of teeth from Jacks human life. Jack stuck it in his coat pocket and left Tooths.

Jack flew back to the small town he had been at before. He sat by the pond and thought for quite some time. Jack thought of his options. To leave you or pursue you. But seeing memories couldnt hurt right? He took the tiny boy out of his coat and slid his finger over it. He finally opened his box. Inside was the memories of him and the girl.

He watched her and him grow up together. Them playing in the snow; Them having snowball fights and putting on plays for the kids. Both of them playing tag with the younger kids. All if it was a bunch of laughs and smiles. He watched as his human self kissed her. Falling in love with her. It seemed so happy, it made Jacks cold heart warm up. He could feel his emotions rising by the sight of the girl.  But then that scene came up. Him saving his sister, drowning his life away. Jack saw as she ran toward him, the saddest look on her face. He watched as she cried, as she tried to save him. Then the memory stopped.

As the memory stopped Jack felt a tear slither down his face. He remembered everything about her, about them. The feelings came back in tidlewaves. Then it hit him; he needed to see her. For some weird reason Jack just needed to know. He needed to know her feelings toward him. Were their feelings mutual? He didn't even know his own feelings. But something bubbles up in his heart when he thought about her. Butterflies engulfed his stomach and made him feel queasy; a good kind of queasy though. He knew there was something different about her. How she smiled at the kids. How she laughed, how her hair flowed so nicely. She was beautiful in every form. Not just looks, but she had a sweet heart as well.

~ Back to you~

Your feet began to freeze terribly. You tried to cover yourself more with your blanket but it didn't help. You tried to snuggle more in, but it gave no help. Why was it so chilly in your room? You rubbed your eyes and stretched. Yawning, you lifted your self from the bed.  Your eyes widened in response. You werent sure if you were angry or happy about the new presence in your room. He gave you a soft smile and leaned next to you.

Crouched on your bed was thee Jack Frost.
Seond part :3 the third will actually get started tommorrow.

First: [link]

Next: [link]
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Melvey Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Icon - 137 Ruiwhy the hell would he break into my room like that!!! he should of waited 'till it was at least morning!
Iluvujackfrost Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Iluvujackfrost Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student General Artist
mak96k Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Question, did North choose a human life for Mrs. Clause or an imortal life? I wasn't sure. Maybe I read it wrong, but it didn't make sense to me.
awdarkangel101 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
An immortal life, sorry if that wasn't clear. :/
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It's okay. You probably did state it, but my mind was on the movie, and how Mrs. Claus never showed up. :shrug: Go figure.
CorporalCornbread Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There are some spelling and grammar mistakes in here that can be a bit distracting (just thought you should know ^.^ ) but other than that, this story is wonderful! It's such an awesome plot! <3
awdarkangel101 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Im sorry about those. I wrote these on my phones and hadnt thought to reread them. They'll be taken care of. :D
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Awesome, no problem :D
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