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January 12, 2013
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Waking up in cold sweat, you try to settle your breathing. Your body shook in terror; your head hurting from your growing headache. You try to hold yourself, telling yourself its alright. Your breathing becomes balanced, but you were somewhere else. Your mind drifting back to the nightmare.

You were running. You werent sure where or why, you just had to keep moving. Golden eyes stare, piercing you. So many more come out of the shadows, proudly showing their demented eyes. You can't help but stop in mid run, staring at them. They have beautiful ruffs of black hair, shining even in the shadows. Their long ears slicked back in predator mode, their lips pulled back, showing their glistening white teeth. Those yellow orbs never leaving your sight.

Prowling out of the shadows emerges about ten wolves. They all stare at their next meal hungrily. Mind blank, you just stare. They come closer steadily, one paw at a time. Your body shakes in an unforgetable fear, your whole frame stuck in this terrible trance. One  growls at you, closer then all the others.
You look for something to fend them off, but all around you is a darkened forest. Not a sound is made but the wail of the ravens nearby. The woods never end, you know, you had once tried to leave. There was nothing but the back of trees and the faint sound of a raven. Legs finally moving, you try to run away. But there is nowhere to go. You try to turn around, but more and more wolves come. You just stand there, tears developing in your eyes. Then, one pounces on you. And all that is heard is a blood curdling scream.

Walking into the bathroom, you jump into the shower. It was around the time you usually woke up, and you decided not to sleep in. After your shower, you grab some clothes and put them on. With some brushing of your teeth and hair, your ready. Walking out, your usual fan group is waiting for you. They raise their arms giving you a plate of food. Its a plate of (favorite breakfast), your favorite. You thank your little friends and go and sit down to eat. While sitting, a large hands comes from behind you and ruffles your hair. You turn around, facing the man you've been living with since you were eight.

Nicholas looks down at you, a jolly exspression covering his face. His usual attire on just like any other day. Baby blue eyes stare into your (e/c) ones. His long white beard barely touching the end of his belly, his white hair cut short the rest of the way. A red long sleeve shirt covers his torso, rolled up a little after the elbow. Large tattoos greet you with the expression Naughty and Nice. A plaid fabric ends the shirt and he wears his usual puffy black pants with hiking shoes.

You give him a smile, a usual good morning sign for you. He turns to go to the rest of the workshop, yelling at Phil and David to paint their toys a different color. Phil, as usual, complains; but David works in silence. A small hand grabs your leg. You look down, its one of your favorite elves; Pringle (Which you got to name). He looked like a big santa hat, but with a sash around him like a belt and a marroon color for an under shirt.

"Hello Pringle!" you greet him. He gives you a smile. He takes your plate for you and walks away. Getting up, you take a morning stroll around the workshop. You talk to a couple yetis, but decide to go out. There wasn't really anywhere to go in the North Pole. There was only the small hill and the woods. But you were quite content with that. You weren't one to take things for granted and want to leave; going anywhere (espically exspensive). You like the woods, they had a special feeling to them that you adored. And the hill out back made for amazing sledding. Which unlike many others, you got to enjoy all year.

You go to your bedroom, getting properly dressed for the occasion. You grab long sleeve shirt and a jacket, a pair of snow pants and boots. Can't forget the hat, glove, and scarf! Lastly, you grab the sled you got from North last year and go out. Pringle waves goodbye, along with others. You walk out back, smelling the open air. It smelled so much nicer out here. It did smell nice in the workshop, it had a stench of cookies in it. But that gets annoying after a bit. The winter air smelled so much better. You prepare yourself to go down the hill.

After a few hours of sleding, you go back inside. You unravel yourself from the many layers of clothes, placing them back for another day of adventure. You walk out to the main room, hoping to find North. You overhear something, it seemed quite interesting. You fade into the shadow of the wall, reaching over to hear what North was talking about.

"When is she going to know North? I hate em more then you do, but the mate has a right to know!" an australlian accent says. It was definetly Bunnymund, the easter bunny.
"When she's ready." North replies shortly. It seemed like he was loosing his patience. Which seemed to never happen to North.
"How do you know she's not! She needs to know!" Bunny screamed. North lost his temper at that.
"NIETE!" he screams. The elves look up at him, suprised by the sudden outburst. The yetis stop working, walking over towards the scene.
"Look, North. I know it's hard to think of, but it needs to be done." Bunny tried to calm North.
"I'll see. Okay? Now is not a good time." North responds. After an exchange of goodbyes, Bunny stomps the floor and is gone. But so were you. You scurried out of the workshop, not wasting any time.

You don't know what made you want to go to the woods tonight, but you were drawn to them. Which was different, since your nightmare... You shake off the thought and trudge on. The cold northen wind hits you, making your (h/c) make a mess in the air. You hug yourself, trying to get warm. You walk on until you find a small clearing. Walking into the clearing, you find a rather large rock in the middle. You wipe off the excess snow and sit down. You burry your head into your hands. Tears began to form and slip down your face. For some reason you had a feeling Bunny and North were talking about you. It worried you greatly.

"Is something the matter?" a silky voice swoons from the woods. Your head wipes up, looking for the owner of the voice. You get up from your rock, looking around. Nothing but shadows filled the woods.
"H-hello?" you ask. Nothing responds. You walk a bit in front of you, looking around. The wind whistle by you, but other than that, not a sound. "Please answer!" you beg. A evil laugh comes from the woods, surrounding you. Your frame begins to shake, your mmind screaming caution.
"Well I think it's about time we get to know eachother." the voice says again. You look around, but see no one.

Suddenly, a dark figure makes it way toward you. It stands on the other side of the clearing, wearing a long back cloak. But other than that you saw nothing. But it got closer and closer till you saw a face. It was a rather tall man, with a long face that had a very clear chin. The man had deep silver eyes with a tint of gold around the retina. He had jet black hair that was swept behind him, being completely straight horizontally. Some chest showed, but other then that, a dark cloak covered him. He looked up at you, with a almost genuine smile on.
"My my you've gotten big." he tells you. You look down at yourself, not sure if he ment weight wise.
"What do you mean? Who are you?" you ask. He gives you another smile and talks again.

"You forgot about dear old dad?"
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